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Here’s to a great semester!


Here's to a great semester!

“we ride the bus with the knees pulled in
people should see how we’re living,
shut my eyes to the song that plays
sometimes this has a hot, sweet taste”

-eleanor and park.

Thankful for all the love and friendship I experienced this semester. :”> I’M BLESSED. 🙂

For my dearest bestfriend.


For my dearest bestfriend.

She was subtle and barely noticed. And she was with people who find that enough. Although, she caught my eye. She was exceptional. She had more than she thought she has. She sang the highest and sweetest notes for me. She gave me the best laughs even for a very plain day. There may be times we weren’t always together but, once we are, it’s as if those months apart were just yesterday. She never let me feel alone. She never left anyone behind.

It wasn’t long enough before other people noticed her too. But despite that, she never forgot me. She would always say that she misses me and, I know she means it.

She has an unbelievable drive to get anything she wants. She’s also so fearless that she does whatever she feels like doing.

She is truly one of the smartest and most amazing people I know. And even when the world fvcks her up, she makes sure that she feels what she wants to feel and say what she wants to say then, she’ll move on—move on in a manner that her mistakes became lessons treasured.

But most of all, she is MY bestfriend… 🙂 I LOVE YOU!! ❤

Grateful. :)


Grateful. :)

It’s been a year and few months since I’ve been with you and things just gets better and better. I’m very thankful for everything you have done for me; for keeping me sane when moments get crazy, for making me happy when I’m at my lowest moments, and for believing in me even at my breaking point. These are not very easy to do and I am very sure that no one has “endured” me for so long. I know you would think otherwise because you’ve always thought of me as the greatest person in the world. Clearly I don’t deserve you. You’re perfect. I would do anything to make you stay.

I love you! ❤

For my 20th Birthday.


There are so many thing that I should be working on lately and studying isn’t one of them. I’ve tried. I had productive days but my mind is just too noisy. So, I’m applying an old friend’s advice. Write it down:

1.         Reconciliation. My birthday’s near and I want to start new. I’m no longer a teenager now. I’m a grown up with grown up decisions and emotions. I have to fix those bridges I broke for very shallow reasons. I have to be a better person now. 

2.         Keeping the flame alive. I just met the most amazing person in my life. He’s very patient and he really can endure me. Yes, endure. I’m turning into a very complicated person lately. I know finding excuses is not an excuse but school is really hard and it scares the shit out of me—and don’t get me started with friends. They’re as difficult as school.

Point is, I have someone to face all these. I’m blessed with a very great person. I should know better. I should show him how much he means to me; that I am very thankful that he’s around and I couldn’t live without him. If ever he is reading this, I want him to know that I love him so much and I am willing to get through anything to make us work. We’re the best team I know.

3.         Think at the margin. My course requires a lot of sacrifices and really demands consistent discipline and time management. I may be learning how to deal with things in a smarter way now but I’m still slow at it. I need to learn to give time to more important things without hurting myself too much. I need time for everything and a day seems too short.

4.         SELFIE. Despite all those demands from everyone, I will so not lose myself in them. I will still be me. I will read whatever I want whenever I want. I will be great in school and still have time for friends and family. And breaking up will never be my option to ease my stress and to but time. There is always time. It’s not YOLO and it’s not being a square either. It’s being moderate. (“Be Moderate.” entry explains further)

I know I said “many” and I only came up with 4. These things however, are very crucial. They all need consistency—the requirement that is most overlooked because the fact of finishing a task already means stopping from doing it for most.